About The Documentary

“More Chilean than Beans” is a documentary that traces the journey of photographer Zandy Mangold from Brooklyn, NY to San Pedro de Atacama, Chile.  He plans to run over 250km in a seven day self-supported ultramarathon through the Atacama Desert in Chile.  Little Zandy first visited San Pedro De Atacama with his family in 1985 when Chile was still ruled by the dictator General Agosto Pinochet and San Pedro was little more than a one road desert oasis.  His Chilean father Tomas, who once worked in the desert mines of northern Chile, is returning for the first time in over 25 years to support his son and reconnect with a land he once knew.  What does Zandy hope to find by challenging his physical and mental limits in a place his papá once called home?

The Runner – Zandy Mangold (www.zandymangoldnyc.com)

Zandy Mangold is a Brooklyn based photographer. With a quirky personality and a desire to come full circle with his roots – Zandy trains for one of the most difficult experiences of his life – running an ultramarathon in the Atacama Desert in Chile.  Will this bring him closer to understanding his identity?






Director/ Producer – Sapna Shah

Sapna Shah is a filmmaker, producer, and director with a keen eye and a passion to capture and share the unique stories of the world around us. Sapna has been working in the film and television industry for almost 5 years after past careers as a biomedical engineer and chef. Her unique background has enabled a creative approach to storytelling, allowing her to empathize with individuals and capture the heart of emotion.

For any press or media information please contact our PR – Evy Gonzales at evygonzales@gmail.com or submit through the website.


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