Making the Documentary

Hey All –

As many of you know, making a documentary is not an easy task, let alone trying to fundraise enough money to film a race in the Atacama Desert in 30 days – March 4 2012!
This spring Racing The Planet ( will host The Atacama Crossing, a seven day, self-supported, 250km race in some of the harshest desert conditions on the planet.The Atacama Crossing is part of Racing the Planet’s Four Desert Series with annual races taking place in the Sahara desert in Egypt, the Gobi Desert in China and Antarctica.  178 participants from around the globe will compete in this year’s Atacama Crossing.  The Atacama Desert is the driest desert in the world – rainfall has never been recorded in certain areas of the desert.
What brings 178 participants here to run over 250 km in 7 days?
What do humans seek to accomplish by running an ultramarathon?  What could motivate a person to subject themselves to this physical and mental challenge?  What kind of person has the discipline to train for such a task?  How do their families, friends and significant others feel about their decision? What are the health risks involved?  What do they experience along the journey?  Who do they meet?  How do relationships play out among the runners?  Are runners competing with each other or themselves?  How do other cultures from around the globe approach the race?
”More Chilean than Beans” aims to provide insight into these questions by filming the journey of New York based photographer Zandy Mangold as he takes on the challenge.  Half-chilean, Mangold will return to a country he first visited as a child during the Pinochet regime.  We will follow his training from NYC to the Bahamas and down to Chile searching for an answer.
We can’t share this story without your support and are trying to fundraise $20,000 ($16,000 min for just the cost of production and then an additional $4,000 for editing and post) in the next 30 days.  A seemingly impossible task but every little donation helps. To support the cause please donate through the Paypal button below: 
Thank You!

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